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Uly: The Music Connection

Meet Uly, an exceptional artist and resident of The Dean Art Studio, where creativity knows no bounds

Uly's music combines pop, soul, jazz, and nostalgic elements, creating captivating harmonies that resonate deeply with listeners. The Dean Art Studio: A Creative Haven, located at Chatham Street in Dublin City Centre, one which offers a nurturing environment for artists to flourish and collaborate. Supported by the Press Up Hospitality Group, the studio celebrates Irish artists and fosters a vibrant creative community.

Immersive Melodies and Emotive Storytelling, Uly's music is an intimate journey of self-discovery. His work is deeply personal and evokes genuine emotions. Uly's latest release 1822 demos, blends soulful grooves with sci-fi dreaminess. There's an EP in the works and an album Dueto set to land early next year.

Uly's talent has gained him a growing collaborative discography and noteworthy placements in hit series like Normal People and Conversations with Friends. His distinct style, inspired by his own experiences, leaves a lasting impression on his listeners.

The Dean Art Studio Residency has provided Uly with an ideal space to nurture his creativity. It offers a transformative environment where artists from diverse backgrounds come together, exchange ideas, and inspire one another.

Uly's artistry, combined with the support of The Dean Art Studio, exemplifies the power of music to forge connections and enrich lives. As he continues to create soul-stirring melodies, the world eagerly awaits more of his inspiring work.

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