Sitting right on Wellington Quay, in the heart of Dublin, is a slice of BBQ heaven

Slide up to our bar, saddle up on our seats and get comfortable in Bison Bar & BBQ, Dublin’s first and best BBQ joint. We source our cuts of meat especially to make sure they are the tastiest, most tender cuts going. We treat our meat with our homemade rubs and then smoke them for 14 hours before serving. Even the meat is chosen with care, specially selected cows are used for our brisket, which we think is the best brisket this side of the Mississippi. We do our ribs St. Louis Style – which means the entire rack, cooked low and slow, dipped in our signature sauce, wrapped and cooked again to finish it off.

Bison Bar

Venue Information

Down-home joint with a bar offering BBQ plates & sandwiches, plus craft beer & over 140 whiskies. We have live music every Saturday that is sure to get you two-stepping towards the bar.