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Dollard and Co’s guide to putting together the perfect cheeseboard.

In many homes, the cheeseboard is the most coveted part of the Christmas meal. With so many delicious varieties to choose from, we’ve spoken to our Cheese Expert Julie Walker from Traditional Cheese Company to get her top tips for the perfect board. 


Traditional Cheese Company is a 100% Irish Company, specializing in the promotion and distribution of a full range of Irish and Continental cheese and they supply us with their mouthwatering wares in Dollard & Co. Our cheese counter at Dollard & Co has all of the cheese listed below – and our team are always on hand for advice, so head in to us today and get everything you need to make a delicious cheeseboard for your guests this festive season.

 Irish Cheese

Irish Cheese is appreciated worldwide for its ingredient, Irish Milk. Our climate  allows lush grass to grow from early spring to late autumn, this natural resource partnered with family run farms produces milk of outstanding quality. A selection of our wonderful cheeses have been selected for your Christmas  cheese board.

Partnered  simply with crackers,  or artisan breads and chutneys, a wonderful finish to any meal, or a cheese and wine supper.

Cashel Blue the original Irish blue cheese made by the Grubb Family since 1984.

We have selected only the creamiest matured cheeses,  a creamy buttery consistence with a tangy flavour, a must for every blue cheese aficionado.

Vintage Red Cheddar, specially selected  Irish cheddar matured   to perfection. With a lovely aged  texture and a smooth round flavour.

Cooleeney an Irish Camembert made in Tipperary,  a farmhouse cheese made by Breda Maher and family from their own Friesian  herd. Cooleeney has a buttery, white mushroom flavour with a pleasant bitter tang to finish.

Mossfield an Organic gouda style cheese made in Birr  Co Offaly, by Ralph Haslam, Rich in colour with the full rounded flavour of a Gouda,   a relatively new cheese set up in 2004, and winning world class and organic cheese awards.

Italian Cheese

Italians have been making cheeses for over a hundred  of years, we have selected just a few favourites. These cheeses  can be served on the cheese board, but also used in the kitchen, have you ever tried Tellegio melted through potatoes?

Gorgonzola Picante: One of the world’s most famous blue cheese, made from cow’s milk. Made in the Piedmont/ Lombardy in Northern Italy. It has  a pale flesh with a blue veins soft texture with sharp salty after taste.

Taleggio: Made in the region of Val Taleggio, a pungent washed rind cheese, that has a surprisingly mild flavour.  Its semi- soft creamy texture is luxurious to taste. A personality all of its own.

Pecorino Romano: A hard sheep’s milk cheese, buttery mild nutty flavour. Shaved on a board  and served with soft fruits.

Truffle Pecorino: Christmas Luxury. Pungent addition of black truffles added to the pecorino, a little goes a long way. Match with a robust Italian red wine.

Lucifero: A guest cheese for Christmas.  Gorgonzola with the spicy addition of chillies.  Stunning addition to any cheese board.