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The Pastry Team 🍰

A day in the life of Press Up’s pastry team. Our content team joined head chef Ivan Lyubchev at 5am to document the process behind the pastries.

Dublin’s demand for pastries and sweet treats has soared and the cities appetite for good times and great food shows no sign of slowing down. The Pastry team based out of Dollard & Co didn’t always exist. Group Executive pastry chef Ivan Lyubchev saw an opportunity to develop a team of Pastry chef’s to supply pastries and desserts to 48+ venues across the city. Before this it was a struggle to keep up with demand as several different pastry chef’s operated out of multiple kitchen’s.

Enter, The Pastry Team. Comprised of five talented chefs, they begin their day long before the average person, rising before the sun in pursuit of pastry perfection. They begin their day baking scones, pastries and cakes to fuel Dublin’s breakfast rush with the freshest and tastiest baked goods for the likes of Dime Coffee, Angelina’s Deli and Dollard & Co. 

The day doesn’t end here though, after the morning’s pastries are sent out the team takes a breather. Coffee and scones topped with Ivan’s house strawberry jam and fresh cream are the name of the game here. 


The team then moves swiftly onto preparing desserts by the dozen for restaurants such as Isabelle’s, Layla’s, Ryleigh’s & Sophie’s to name but a few. Chocolate Delice, Banana and Dulce de Leche Mousse Cake, Tiramisu, Warm Pear & Almond Ricotta Cake – the list goes on! Countless desserts are lovingly prepared as the team takes sugar, flour & eggs and turns them into little plates of happiness. From here they are sent to the restaurant where their journey ends – but not before receiving the finishing touches from the head chef. A scoop of ice cream, a dusting of honeycomb, beautifully bright herbs or fresh berries complete the ensemble.