Our Commitments

Here to be better

Guided by the principles of The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, every action we take is carefully considered to make sure we leave each venue and city better than when we found them.


We’re custodians of some incredible buildings. We’re passionate about saving, taking care of, and improving them for others to enjoy. Through thoughtful decisions and meticulous attention to detail, we’ve given a new lease of life to these iconic places all over our great cities.

Enjoy The Mayson’s listed buildings whilst discovering the stories of Dublin’s Docklands. Bask in the art-deco style of The Stella Cinema’s architecture and original mosaics. And sit down with a pint in John’s Bar & Haberdashery and pay homage to the man himself who ran a tanners here in the 1800s.


Acting with awareness and care for our environment, we’re making the right choices to lower our carbon footprint in a way that makes a real difference. Through big ambitious plans and smaller day-to-day changes, we’re heading in the right direction.

Already entirely powering our bars, restaurants, and hotels on renewable energy, we have ambitious targets to more than halve our emissions within the next 10 years. We choose packaging that is either recyclable or compostable, and are aiming for 100% sustainable packaging by the end of 2023.

We’re constantly looking for innovative and creative solutions to lessen our impact and support biodiversity, so we’ve installed bee hives at our hotels, bringing ecology into the hearts of our cities.

You can read our full Environmental Policy below

Arts & Culture

Cities live and die by their culture and we’re well-known for ours, but we need to make sure the next generation of greats can come through. We’ve already invested millions of euros in purchasing and supporting the arts so far, but we’ve committed to doing more.

The Dean Art Studios is a reflection of modern Ireland, a cultural hub offering free studio space for over 20 resident creatives funded by the Press Up Hospitality Group. It’s a place where people meet and ideas grow, marking a new age of art and culture for Ireland.

Here you’ll find painters inspiring filmmakers and textile artists meeting with musicians creating a buzzing hub of art and culture in the heart of our capital.

Community & Social

As we grow, we want to grow with our cities. We seek to elevate people in our society through meaningful celebrations of culture, religon and sexualities, and ensure our services are welcoming and inclusive to all. From our annual Pride events supporting Belong To, to working with accessibility partners Mobility Mojo, and providing complimentary Riley sanitary products in every bathroom, we are committed to supporting our entire community and being a force for positive change.

Partnering with Down Syndrome Ireland has allowed us to create meaningful and inclusive job opportunities for people with Down Syndrome, while our work with Aware since 2018 has helped highlight and raise vital funds to support positive mental health in Ireland.

It takes a village and we’re glad to be a part of it.